Abstract Submission

The submission of abstracts is now officially open. The submission process runs until 29.4. After that, the contributions will be reviewed by selected reviewers. Authors will be notified after the review process.

Please use the template and upload the completed abstract as a PDF. Please provide all necessary information in our conference system.

We are looking forward to your contributions!

Your contact person regarding content

Dr. Klaus Baier
Lehrstuhl für Ingenieurgeologie und Hydrogeologie | RWTH Aachen University
Lochnerstraße 4 – 20 | D-52064 Aachen
Tel.: +49 (0)241 80-96771
Fax: +49 (0)241 80-92280
E-Mail: baier@lih.rwth-aachen.de

Your contact person regarding organizational matters

Julia Backhaus
RWTH International Academy
Campus-Boulevard 30 | D-52074 Aachen
Tel.: +49 (0)241 80-97861
Fax: +49 (0)241 80-92525
E-Mail: veranstaltungen@academy.rwth-aachen.de

Further contact persons regarding content

Repository concepts: Prof. Dr. Klaus Fischer-Appelt (fischer-appelt@els.rwth-aachen.de)

Safety analyses: Prof. Dr. Klaus Fischer-Appelt (fischer-appelt@els.rwth-aachen.de)

Geological Processes: Prof. Dr. Klaus Reicherter (reicherter@nug.rwth-aachen.de)

THCM: Prof. Dr. Florian Amann (amann@lih.rwth-aachen.de)

BGE:  Team Gremienbegleitung der STA, Dr. Esther Neye (Esther.Neye@bge.de)