Geological processes

This session combines all kinds of geological processes concerning and affecting concepts, planning and design of a repository for radioactive waste. Geological processes occur on different time scales in different areas, permanently shaping and changing the Earth and its surface. Physical, chemical and biological processes interact in geological processes forming, e.g., stratigraphic sequences or tectonic structures. Uncertainties are present at all levels during evaluation of geological information. Models require a reasonable range of parameters that integrate data from geologic, tectonic, seismic, and geodetic studies.

For this conference topic, it is planned to also address current scientific results in the form of short presentations and/or posters. Among others, the following topics will be addressed:

  • Geology, sedimentology, stratigraphy, erosion/deposition and landscape evolution/changes
  • Geodynamics, tectonics and structural geology, stress and deformation
  • Petrophysics and rheology, reservoir rock properties
  • Faults identification, quantification and evaluation of uncertainties
  • Modelling, predictions, uncertainties

We welcome contributions on geology and tectonics especially on the above-mentioned topics and encourage expert colleagues to submit a short description of their planned conference contributions addressing one (or more) of these topics.

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