THMC Coupled Processes

Thermo-hydro-chemical-mechanical coupled (THMC) processes in the near- and far-field of repository tunnels for nuclear waste are in the focus of diverse geoscientific disciplines and research groups around the globe. These processes contribute to the assessment of the short-, intermediate and long-term repository integrity and have been the focus of scientific research since many decades.

Within this conference topic we would like to encourage young and senior scientists to present and discuss new findings or immerging research fields either through short presentations and / or posters. The topics addressed cover:

  • Geomechanical processes at all scales including in-situ tests, laboratory / pertrophysical experiments, and micro-structural analysis
  • THMC coupled numerical modelling and the development of constitutive models / frameworks
  • Geochemical and biochemical processes
  • Identification, quantification and assessment of uncertainties

We invite peers to submit an abstract addressing one (or many) of the above topics across all relevant host rocks and surrounding formations considered in Europe (i.e. crystalline rock, clay rocks and salt).

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